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Beginning Gliding

Beginning Gliding, 3rd edition, is intended for budding and improving glider pilots, as well as their instructors.

26.00 €
Manuel du Pilote Vol à Voile 9ème édition

Ce livre est la base de l'instruction Vol à Voile en France. Cet ouvrage à vocation pédagogique est d'une approche concrète, attrayante et d'une lecture facile.

37.00 €
The Glider Pilot's Manual (4th Edition)

This book covers the basics in a straight forward and practical way. Introduction of material is progressive and neither over does theory or shy from it where important. In the main each new topic generates an urge to get in the air and check out the theory.

28.00 €
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The Soaring Pilot's Manual (2nd Edition)

The Soaring Pilot's Manual advances the reader from elementary flying to confident soaring by clearly and precisely explaining the basic soaring mechanisms and techniques.

33.00 €
Volar a Vela

El lector encontrará en Volar a Vela un compendio de conocimientos aeronáuticos encaminados a la práctica de este deporte-aventura en creciente evolución.

39.00 €
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